How to add a custom JavaScript code in Divi?

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How to add a custom JavaScript code in Divi?


Divi is an incredible WordPress theme that comes with advanced features. With Divi, you can create a custom design for your WordPress website in just minutes. One of the great features of Divi is the ability to add custom JavaScript code. This allows you to customize your website and create unique functionality that isn’t available in the standard Divi theme.

Step 1: Access the Theme Settings


The first step in adding custom JavaScript to Divi is accessing the Theme Settings page. Go to ‘Appearance > Theme Settings’ in the menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Find the Options for Custom JavaScript


Once you are in the Theme Settings, you will find the options for custom JavaScript. There are two options: ‘Custom JavaScript (Header)’ and ‘Custom JavaScript (Footer)’. These two fields allow you to enter the JavaScript code you want to add to your Divi theme.

Step 3: Enter Your JavaScript Code


Once you have found the fields for custom JavaScript, you can enter your code. Make sure to double check the syntax and make sure it is valid JavaScript code. Once you have entered your code, save the settings and you are done. Your JavaScript code will now be added to your Divi theme.



Adding custom JavaScript to your Divi theme is a great way to add custom features and functionality to your website. All you need to do is access the Theme Settings page, locate the fields for custom JavaScript, and enter your code. Once you have done that, save the settings and you are done.

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