How to add a floating social media sidebar in WordPress?

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Having a prominent and eye-catching social media presence is of utmost importance for online businesses today. But incorporating social media into your WordPress website can be difficult, as it requires considerable coding knowledge that many webmasters don’t possess. Fortunately, there is an easy way for anyone to add a floating social media sidebar to their WordPress site quickly and effortlessly. Read on to discover how it can be done!

1. Step up Your Social Media Game with a WordPress Floating Sidebar

Bring Life to Your Site with a Floating Sidebar

Are you looking for a unique way to make your WordPress site stand out? Look no further – floating sidebar is here to the rescue! Make the most out of your website’s design and functionality with this relatively new way of using WordPress.

Floating sidebars can take your site from basic to fabulous and become one of the biggest draws of your content. Adding a sidebar to your site will open up new opportunities and make your content easier to find and share. Here are some of the perks of having one:

  • An ever-present point-of-reference – Your visitors will always be able to find the sidebar.
  • Higher visibility – Your content will be easier to find and read, due to the sidebar’s presence.
  • Instant promotion – Floating sidebar can be a great way to get your promotion materials seen each time someone visits your site.
  • Unique design – By having a sidebar constantly visible on your site, you will be able to create an individual look, in comparison with the rest of the WordPress sites.

This convenient and modern feature will add just the right touch of interactivity and user-friendliness to your WordPress site. Its trendiness and creativity will make it stand out and become a great addition to your online presence. Get the best of both worlds with the new WordPress floating sidebar!

2. Preparing your WordPress Space for a Sidebar

A sidebar adds some of that extra pizzazz to your WordPress site, and there are lots of ways to make use of it. You can add widgets, menus, and search bar options to the sidebar. But before you can do that, there’s a bit of prep work you should do.

  • Choose Your Theme: The sidebar usually comes standard on most WordPress themes, but if yours doesn’t you might have to install a new one. Check to make sure your chosen theme either has a sidebar or is capable of adding one.
  • Time to Customize: Once your theme is prepped and ready, you can get started on customizing it. Pick a layout, adjust the color and font, and decide which widgets and items you’d like to add.

Now that your WordPress sidebar is prepped and ready, you can make your website look complete! Adding widgets and menus to the sidebar allows it to do more than just be a site feature; it becomes a part of the overall look and feel. With a bit of prep work and creativity, you can make that sidebar stand out from the crowd.

3. Installing a Floating Social Media Sidebar

Floating social media sidebar is a great tool for any website, with it you can let your website visitors share your articles, drive more traffic to your website and more. To install it, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Choose which social media sites you want as part of your sidebar
  • Find a plugin that lets you generate the floating sidebar
  • Install the plugin on your website and customize the sidebar to your preference
  • Make sure that the plugin is compatible with your website
  • Once the plugin is adjusted, it’s ready to go!

If you don’t know that much about coding, it’s best to search for a plugin that offers a single click installation and customization process. You can find dozens of plugins to choose from, but it’s best to pick one that has good reviews and few bugs. After that, your floating social media sidebar will be ready to go!

4. Optimizing your Sidebar for Maximum Reach

When setting up your website’s sidebar – the area often used for navigation, optional links, and directories for other pages and blog sites – it’s important to consider how it’s likely to be used. After all, it’s one of the main components which helps guide visitors on their user journey, so optimizing your sidebar is key to ensuring a great user experience.

Here are some tips for sidebar optimization:

  • Make sure it’s visible and uncluttered: It should be clear where the sidebar begins and ends, and the colors should complement the overall color palette of the site.
  • Set up logical navigation: The navigation should follow the user’s expectations and be organized appropriately.
  • Limit distractions: Don’t overwhelm users with too many options. Stick to the essential navigation, and let categories be expandable.
  • Don’t use it for advertising: This can look untidy and clutters up the sidebar, detracting users from their focus.

By using the above tips for optimizing your website’s sidebar, you can create an interface that’s easy to use and helps visitors reach their desired page quickly, without distraction. Now that you know how to add a floating social media sidebar in WordPress, you’re well on your way to allowing your users to connect with your brand via various social media platforms. With a vibrant and interactive sidebar, engaging with your followers, customers and prospects just got easier. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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