How to add a video module in Divi?

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How to add a Video Module in Divi?

Divi is a powerful visual page builder that allows you to create beautiful websites quickly and efficiently. One of the great features of Divi is the ability to customize elements and modules to your heart’s content. Adding a video module to your Divi page can be a great way to add visual interest and give your users a more engaging experience on your site.

Steps to adding a Video Module in Divi:

    1. First, open a Divi page builder. To begin, open the Divi page builder and select the page you want to add a video module to.


    1. Then, locate the video module. If you don’t see it in the module list on the left, click on the plus icon to open the “Add Module” popup window. Then, search for “video” and select it to add it to the page.


    1. Next, add the video content. Once the video module is in place, click on the “Upload Video” button. You can either upload the video file from your computer, paste in the URL of the video, or select it from the media library.


    1. Finally, customize the video module. From the module settings, you can customize the video module further by adding a poster image, a video title and description, as well as video controls and autoplay functions.


Following these four steps will get a video module up and running on your website quickly and easily. A video module can make an impactful addition to your Divi page, making it more interactive and engaging for your visitors.

With the ability to customize the video module, it is possible to create the exact look and feel for your Divi page that you desire. You can also add video modules to any theme, allowing you to easily integrate videos into your website.

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