How to add custom codes in wordpress website?

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How to Add Custom Codes in WordPress Website

WordPress is a well-regarded content management system used for building websites for businesses, blogs, eCommerce stores, and more. It’s user-friendly, has solid customization options, and can be used to create just about any kind of website. However, while WordPress has an enormous breadth of awesome features, users sometimes need to add custom codes in order to give their site that extra edge or special touch.

Fortunately, integrating custom code into a WordPress website allows users to customize their websites according to their own needs and requirements. Here, we’ll explore some of the ways users can add custom code to their WordPress website.

Using a Plugin

If you’re completely new to working with code, the most straightforward way to add custom code to your WordPress site is with a WordPress plugin. These plugins allow you to simply paste your code snippets into specified sections without having to edit your site’s code files.

Essential plugins for adding custom code to your WordPress website include:





Using a Child Theme

Child themes are derived from an existing theme. The benefit of a child theme is that you can add custom code to the theme while preserving its original design, features, and functionality. This is also useful in cases where you might need to change the core code of your existing theme.

To use a child theme for adding custom code to your WordPress site, first you need to install it. Then, you can insert your custom code into the appropriate template files (for example, header.php for adding custom header code, file for adding custom footer code etc.).

Using a Codes Editor

Using a code editor, such as, Sublime Text, or Notepad++, is the best way to add custom code to your WordPress site. Code editors are text-editing programs with features like font options, syntax highlighting, and auto-completion. These features help you read and edit code more easily (allowing you to modify an existing WordPress theme or plugin).

Once you’ve downloaded a code editor, you can access your WordPress website’s files through an FTP client. Once connected, you can begin to edit your files with your editor. Just remember, when changing a core file in WordPress or adding custom code, you should always make a backup of your site before proceeding.


Adding custom code to WordPress websites is a useful way to improve the functionality of a site and give it that extra touch. There are several ways to add custom code to WordPress, from using a plugin, using a child theme, or using a code editor. Your choice of approach simply depends on your technical capabilities and familiarity with code.

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