How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

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How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

Are you looking for a way to add Google Translate to your WordPress website? With Google Translate, you can provide a foreign language or multi-language website to your visitor base. Luckily, adding Google Translate in WordPress is very easy and there are several ways to do it. In this article, we’ll introduce three of the most popular methods.

Using a WordPress Plugin

The easiest and most direct method of adding Google Translate to WordPress is using a plugin. These plugins are designed to add Google Translate to your WordPress site quickly and easily.

For example, the GTranslate plugin is one of the most popular translation plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, all you have to do is install and activate it, then select from one of the 81 supported languages. GTranslate will then add the translate widget to your WordPress site.

Using WidgetCube

Another method of adding Google Translate to your WordPress site is to use WidgetCube. WidgetCube is a third-party service that provides you with an easy way to add Google Translate to your website.

To use WidgetCube, simply register an account and choose a language. Then, copy and paste the code that WidgetCube gives you into your WordPress site. This method is easy to implement and it is also very effective.

Manually Adding Google Translate

Finally, if you don’t want to use a plugin or third-party service, you can manually add Google Translate to your WordPress site. To do this, simply go to the Google Translate website translation manager and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve set up the translation manager, copy the code provided and add it to your WordPress site. This can be done by editing your theme files or by using a plugin such as Insert PHP.


Adding Google Translate to your WordPress website is an easy way to offer a multi-language option for your visitors. In this article, we showed you three of the most popular methods for adding it WordPress website. Whatever method you use, make sure to test your translation feature to ensure that it is working correctly.

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