How to Add Product Reviews to Your WooCommerce Site

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How to Add Product Reviews to Your WooCommerce Site

Product reviews are a great way to build trust in your ecommerce store and generate more sales, so it’s no surprise that adding them to your WooCommerce site is a popular choice. Product reviews not only provide helpful insight to potential customers who are considering purchasing your product, but they also help your store stand out in a crowded marketplace by showing that you take your customers’ perspectives seriously.

Whether you are just getting started with product reviews or are looking to increase the number and quality of reviews your store receives, here are five steps to incorporating product reviews into your WooCommerce site:

Step 1: Install a Product Reviews Plugin

The first step in adding product reviews to your WooCommerce site is installing a plugin. There are a variety of plugins available, from free to premium, depending on your needs. Popular plugins include WP Product Reviews, which is free and offers a variety of customization options, as well as Advanced Reviews, which is a premium option with more features and more control over design and appearance.

Step 2: Set up Your Plugin

Once you’ve selected your plugin, you’ll need to set it up. This usually involves enabling or disabling certain features, deciding how your site will handle customer reviews (such as allowing customers to upload images and videos, or requiring approval of all reviews before they appear on the site), and configuring any required styling elements.

Step 3: Provide Review Forms on Product Pages

The next step is to add review forms to your product pages, so customers can actually submit their reviews. The specifics of this step will depend on the plugin you’ve chosen, but most plugins provide you with shortcodes or widgets that can be added to product pages for this purpose.

Step 4: Enable Rating Stars

Now that customers can submit reviews, you’ll want to make it easy for them to indicate their level of satisfaction with your product. Users can typically do this by rating the product with one to five stars so that these ratings are displayed on the product page. This is an important step to include, as customers are more likely to submit reviews if they are able to quickly and easily indicate how satisfied they were with the product.

Step 5: Monitor and Respond to Reviews

The final step in incorporating reviews into your WooCommerce shop is to monitor and respond to reviews. You should regularly check your site for new reviews, and make sure that helpful or interesting reviews have responses. Many reviews will simply require a “Thank you for your review” or similar acknowledgement. If customers submit a negative review, you’ll also want to reach out and see if there is anything you can do to turn the situation around.

Adding product reviews to your WooCommerce site is a great way to increase customer trust, establish credibility, and increase sales. All it takes is a few simple steps: installing a plugin, setting it up, adding review forms to product pages, enabling rating stars, and monitoring and responding to reviews. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to start reaping the benefits of displaying product reviews on your site.

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