How to Capture Emails in WordPress (Step by Step)

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How to Capture Emails in WordPress (Step by Step)

Capturing emails in WordPress can be a great way to build an audience for your website or blog and grow your business. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to keep in touch with your users and ensure that your content is seen. Read on to find out how to capture emails in WordPress and start building relationships with your visitors.

Step 1: Install an Email Capture Plugin

The first step in capturing emails in WordPress is to install an email capture plugin. There are many different email capture plugins available, and each has its own features and benefits. We recommend using a plugin that integrates with a major email provider, as this will make it easier to manage your contacts and update your emails.

Once you’ve chosen your plugin, follow the instructions to install and activate it on your WordPress website. You’ll also need to connect it to an email provider—most plugins allow you to use popular services such as MailChimp, AWeber and GetResponse.

Step 2: Create Eye-Catching opt-in forms

Once you’ve installed your email capture plugin, it’s time to create an opt-in form. This is what visitors will see when they come to your website, and it should be eye-catching and clear. You can choose from a range of templates, or you can customize your own form using the drag-and-drop interface.

Make sure to include an incentive for guests to sign up, such as exclusive content, a discount, or a free trial. In addition, be sure to include a privacy statement so visitors know how their information will be protected.

Step 3: Create an Autoresponder

Once your opt-in form is live, you’ll need to set up an autoresponder. This is a series of automated emails that will be sent to subscribers when they sign up. Make sure to write engaging content, as this is your chance to build a relationship with your new subscribers.

Your autoresponder should also include a link to confirm their subscription. This is an important step to ensure that all of your emails are delivered to the right people.

Step 4: Monitor Your Results

Once your opt-in form and autoresponder are set up, it’s time to monitor your results. You can find this information in the email capture plugin’s dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to track your subscribers, the total number of emails sent, the open rates, and the click-through rates.

By monitoring these results, you can refine your opt-in form and autoresponder to ensure that you’re delivering the best possible customer experience. You can also keep an eye out for any email addresses that have bounced back, so you can remove them from your mailing list.


Capturing emails in WordPress is a powerful way to build an audience and grow your business. With the right email capture plugin, you’ll be able to create engaging opt-in forms, set up automated emails, and monitor your results. So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

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