How to create a custom order status in WooCommerce?

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Do you want to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience with your WooCommerce store? Custom order statuses help you stay in control of your WooCommerce store and let customers know the order status every step of the way. By creating custom order statuses, you can manage orders better, gain better insight into your store’s performance, and provide better custome product search service. In this article, we’ll show you how you can easily create custom order statuses and make your WooCommerce store stand out in e-commerce.

1. Preparing to Customize Your WooCommerce Order Status

The e-commerce market is a competitive environment. You must ensure that your customers have a great experience when shopping on your store. One area you can improve customer experience is the way you manage and display order statuses. Customizing WooCommerce order statuses will let you give customers an accurate representation of what’s going on in their orders.

The following steps will help prepare you to customize your WooCommerce order statuses.

  • Create a List of Statuses: Start by creating a list of order statuses that will be useful in your store. Think about the customer’s perspective. What information should they know about their order at each step in the process?
  • Group Statuses Together: Once you’ve made your list, group the statuses together in tracking stages. This will help you organize them for displaying in each order page.
  • Use Colors: You can also assign a color to each status. This will make it easier to track the statuses at a glance.
  • Test It Out: Once you have all your statuses set up, don’t forget to test them out. This will make sure everything is functioning as expected and provide feedback to improve the experience.

2. Create Your Options for Custom Order product Status

Adding A Custom Status
Sometimes you may need a custom order status to track a status in your workflow that isn’t covered by the default statuses. You can add as many custom statuses as you need in the eCommerce platform. To do this, navigate to the Settings > Order Statuses page and click the “Add custom status” button. From here you can add the status name, colors, and any additional information you would like to include.

Managing Your Workflow With Custom product order Statuses

Custom order statuses can help you manage your workflow with more precision. Use custom statuses to keep track of orders with special payment arrangements, documents that need to be approved, foreign shipment tracking, and much more. With custom statuses you have the flexibility to make your workflow as simple or as detailed as you need. You can assign actions to custom product search statuses to automate tasks such as sending emails, creating records, and sending notifications.

3. Crafting Your Custom product Status in WooCommerce

Create custom product order statuses within your WooCommerce store is essential in giving customers a personalized purchasing experience. But with custom order status plugin tools, you can not only create custom order statuses, but also assign each with a set of informative and ever-evolving automations that fit your brand’s unique needs.

When , start by first creating a clear definition and list out each step and action an order can take from purchase to delivery. Along with defining when and how these transition points should be updated, it’s also best practice to inform customers of their order status by configuring automated emails for each and every step. To ensure the smooth operationalizing of the new workflow use WooCommerce’s Order Status Manager, Cancellation Form and Stock Notifications tools. And for extra clarity, customize the order status labels, so customers can easily understand the current state of their order:

  • Pending Payment
  • Completed
  • On Hold
  • Processing
  • Cancelled

By creating custom product order search order statuses and automations, your customers will never have to wonder, “where’s my order?” They will be able to easily log in and see the current status of their online purchase. This gives YOU better visibility into the customer buying journey, while providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

4. Create Your Custom product Status in WooCommerce

Once you’ve successfully added the custom order status in WooCommerce, the next step is finalizing the order. Finalizing the custom order status is critical to make sure you get paid quickly, and that customers have accurate records of their orders. Here are some tips to make the finalizing process easy and efficient:

  • Always double-check your tax settings in WooCommerce to ensure you’re charging the right amount.
  • Send out an order confirmation email with each new order.
  • Cutoff orders at a set time to avoid last-minute cancellations or changes.
  • Review and correct any errors in customer information.

Once your custom order status is finalized in WooCommerce, you have some additional options available to you. Consider setting up automatic payment processing, or setting up other order status notifications so customers know when their orders have shipped and delivered. Automating these processes will make your custom order status even more efficient and help ensure your customers get the products they’ve paid for.

Congratulations – you just create custom product order status in WooCommerce! Setting up your own custom order status means you can manage and track orders through your online store in the exact way that works best for you. As your store grows and changes, you can add or alter your custom order statuses accordingly. So don’t hesitate to customize your own order statuses – with WooCommerce, the sky’s the limit!

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