How to customize the excerpt length in WordPress?

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WordPress allows you to customize almost every aspect of your website, so showcasing your content in the best way possible is easier than ever. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to customize the excerpt length in WordPress, allowing your visitors to quickly grasp the essence of your posts without having to dive into the full content. Read on to find out more!

1. Unleash the Power of Excerpts customize the in WordPress

You need to be making the most out of your WordPress website. Let excerpts be the key to unlocking your website’s potential! An excerpt on your website is a shortened version of the full article or post. This gives the viewers a glance into what the article or post is about, which in turn increases their chances to click and read it. Excerpts are a great method of leading a path to your posts thereby increasing page visits and user engagement.

To take full advantage of excerpts, you should be utilizing the multiple features they provide. Firstly, you could use excerpts in your navigation menus. This will allow navigation through the site to be smoother and direct users and to the relevant pages quicker. Secondly, you can allow visitors to filter by excerpts when browsing your archive sections. This allows for a more organized view with fewer clicks and far better user experience. Lastly, you can include excerpts in the main homepage to function as a teaser for the upcoming content. This combined with the right design can be extremely powerful and potentially lead to a lot of engagement.

  • Allow navigation through the site to be smoother with excerpts
  • Allow visitors to filter by excerpts when browsing your archive sections
  • Include excerpts in the main homepage to function as a teaser for upcoming content

2. Customize the Excerpt Length in a Few Easy Steps

When it comes to web content, you want to make sure your visitors are getting the best possible experience. One way to ensure this is by customizing the length of your excerpt posts. Here are a few easy steps that’ll help you get the job done quickly and effectively:


  • Find the snippets of code associated with your post type:


    • This can usually be done in your CMS settings, or you can use a plugin like Advanced Excerpt to easily implement them.


  • Go to the excerpt section and look for filters:


    • Most themes will have a “description” or “content” field. Click on the “filters” link to view available options.


  • Manually set the post excerpt length:


    • Manually set the length by typing in a number, or by adjusting the output of the function that produces the excerpt, like the_excerpt() – php function. This method works best when the excerpt length is set to a fixed number.


  • Customize excerpts without overriding the theme:


    This can be done by using a snippet of code to customize the excerpt length. This code overrides the default excerpt length and can be changed or reverted as needed.

So there you have it! Customizing the length of your excerpt posts is now a simple task that won’t take more than a few easy steps. Give it a try and see for yourself something.

3. Maximize the Visual Impact of Your Excerpts

Choose Eye-Catching Feature Images

  • Select an image that reflects the content of the excerpt
  • Optimize the size and quality of the image
  • Consider options like high-resolution stock images or creating custom artwork

Creating a dynamic visual element for each excerpt can be the difference between drawing in readers and leaving them uninterested. Why? Well, for starters, having feature images — like cover photos and featured images — become the focal point of a post, and can help draw a reader’s attention and engage them, which can potentially drive more clicks, likes, and shares. But selecting the perfect feature image isn’t always easy.

Your feature images should be optimized for size and quality, and also reflect the content of the excerpt. High-resolution stock images are often a great option as they provide amazing visuals that capture the message you’re trying to convey. Alternatively, you can consider creating custom artwork or infographics to draw in readers to your post. No matter what, ensure each feature image stands out and is eye-catching enough to intrigue readers and make them click.

4. Create Readability and Clarity in Excerpts

Whether for websites, marketing materials or advertisements, writing coherent, easy-to-follow excerpts can be daunting. Utilizing a few simple tips helps elevate clarity and generates more interest from the reader.

1. Keep sentences concise

    • – Shorten complex sentences and delete unnecessary words. This increases readability and puts the emphasis on the message rather than the word count.

2. Incorporate more active verbs

    • – Make the passage dynamic by replacing dull verbs with more powerful ones. Rewording a sentence can add more strength to the concept.

3. Identify the focal point

    • – Establishing the most important element of the excerpt should be the primary task when constructing. Focus on the main idea then work to build the stories around it.

4. Add some variety

    – Don’t default to the same sentence structure; vary the length of sentences, conjunctions and transitional words.

When authors can identify the main point and formulate efficient, reader-friendly excerpts, the chances for success dramatically increase. Mastering the art of brevity and clarity will turn a vague excerpt into an engaging, inspiring piece. We hope this article gave you a better understanding on how to customize your WordPress page’s excerpt length. Start practicing and you’ll be a pro in no time – navigate around and explore how these changes can help you achieve better success on your website. Good luck!

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