How to enable product reviews moderation in WooCommerce?

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User reviews provide a great way to learn more about a product image and they can provide valuable feedback to brands looking to improve their offerings. If you’re using WooCommerce to manage your products, you may be interested in learning how to enable product reviews moderation. Keep reading to find out how to enable reviews moderation in WooCommerce to ensure you maintain control over which reviews show on your site.

1. Utilizing WooCommerce’s Product image Review Moderation Feature

WooCommerce’s product review moderation feature allows you to take control over the reviews appearing on your store. With this feature, you can monitor the reviews and ensure that any content that might be deemed inappropriate or inaccurate is not displayed on your site. This can be helpful for protecting your product’s reputation and keeping customers satisfied.

Using the moderation feature is easy – once activated in the WooCommerce settings, you can manually vet each review as it is submitted. When a review is approved, it will automatically appear on the product page. You can also code reviews with a status of spam, pending, or trash, so you can keep track of which reviews you still need to look at. Here are some tips for using WooCommerce’s product review moderation feature:

  • Read Each Review Carefully: Taking the time to read through each review thoroughly helps you identify any potential issues in the content.
  • Check Customer Information: Before approving a review, take a look at the customer’s IP address and check if they have purchased the product from your store.
  • Edit Review Content: Keep in mind that you can alter the content of reviews to remove any unwanted language or remarks.
  • Signal Spam Reviews: Make sure to mark any reviews that you detect as spam so that these can be removed from your product page.

2. Setting up Review Moderation Process on your WordPress Site

If you’re running a WordPress site, controlling how and when reviews get published is essential. It prevents spam reviews and allows you to display a higher quality of reviews. Here’s how to set up a moderation process.

First, you’ll need to update the discussion settings in WordPress. Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Discussions’. You’ll find the options for controlling reviews and comment moderation. Select the option to ‘manually approve the comments’. You’ll also have the option to block certain words or phrases. Use this for any words you don’t want appearing in the reviews.

Then, you can use a plugin to control reviews. We recommend Revewerly, as it allows you to:

  • Show a badge on approved reviews
  • Filter reviews by criteria
  • Allow customers to vote on reviews

Once you’ve set these options, reviews will require your approval before they are shown in your public reviews. This allows you to maintain high quality content while preventing any malicious posts.

3. Benefits of Enabling Product image Review Moderation

Product review moderation is an essential part of the customer’s purchase journey. It provides buyers with valuable feedback on the product or service, enabling them to make informed decisions. As a business, it’s important to ensure these product reviews provide honest and reliable information. That’s why enabling Product Review Moderation can be tremendously beneficial:

  • Highlight positives: It helps to promote the positive aspects of a product or service, showcasing any exceptional qualities to potential customers. It also enables companies to respond to any customer concerns or criticisms.
  • Filters out fraudulent reviews: By moderating product reviews, companies can filter out any fraudulent or false information. This means customers get honest feedback from genuine users, allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions.

Product review moderation also helps to maintain the brand’s reputation. By monitoring reviews and responding quickly and politely to any negative comments, businesses can ensure they maintain a good image. This helps to promote customer trust and ultimately lead to more sales.

4. Ready to Get Started? Let’s Review the Steps!

Are you finally ready to get started? Good news—it’s easier than you think! Here’s a brief outline of the steps you’ll need to take in order to get going:

  • Brainstorm. Start by thinking about the kind of project you want to do—the goals, the outcomes, and the overall timeline for completion.
  • Research. Before you can get started with the actual implementation, research the resources needed to get the job done.
  • Implement. Now it’s time to execute the plan—reach out to collaborators and do the work.
  • Be flexible. No plan survives contact with the real world; be ready to adjust and adapt to the unexpected.

With these four steps, you’ll have the road map you need to tackle any project, big or small. Here’s to your success in making your vision a reality!

Moderating product image reviews in WooCommerce is key in ensuring that shoppers have meaningful and helpful feedback available as they make their purchasing decisions. With the right knowledge, anyone can take the necessary steps to easily enable product review moderation in their store. We hope this article has been helpful and provided some clarity to successfully enabling and managing product reviews in WooCommerce.


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