How to export a module from the Divi library?

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How to Export a Module from the Divi Library

Module from the Divi Library a number of which you can use to quickly create pages with complex designs and layouts. But, if you need to share one of these modules with a client, or use it on a different website, then you’ll need to export it for use elsewhere.

Fortunately, the Divi Library makes it easy to export any module from your library to use on other websites and projects. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll have your module or layout ready to use elsewhere.

Step 1: Open the Divi Library Library

The first step is to open the Divi Library. You can find the library by clicking on the Divi > Divi Library link in the WordPress dashboard. This will open the Divi Library in the WordPress dashboard, which will show all the modules and layouts in the library.

Step 2: Select the Module to Export

Once the Divi Library is open, locate the module you want to export and click on the edit icon to open the module settings. Once the settings are open, you’ll be able to select the “Export” button to begin the export process.

Step 3: Download the Module

Once you click the “Export” button, the module will be downloaded to your computer as a .json file. This file can be uploaded to any other WordPress website that has the Divi Page Builder installed. Just import the .json file to the Divi Library (Divi > Divi Library) and the module will be added to the library.

Step 4: Add the Module to Your Page

Once the module is imported to the Divi Library, you can add it to any page in your WordPress website. Just drag and drop the module into the page, and you’re ready to begin editing. It’s that simple!


Exporting a module from the Divi Library is a great way to re-use modules and layouts on different websites. With a few clicks, you can download the module and add it to any page you want – making it easier to create beautiful, complicated designs with minimal effort.

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