How to protect content from copy in wordpress website

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How to protect content from copy in WordPress Website

WordPress websites are open-source, making it easy to copy content from other websites. This can create a major issue for bloggers, web owners and protect content creators who don’t want their work to be copied. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your content is protected from copy on your WordPress website.

1. Use Copyscape


Copyscape is a popular plagiarism checker tool used by many website owners. It has a free version that allows you to check for copied content by entering the URL of your website. Copyscape will scan your website and any other online sources to identify if any of your content has been copied or plagiarised. Copyscape also offers a premium version which enables you to watch your website constantly and receive alerts in case someone tries to copy or plagiarise its content.

2. Use Watermarks


Adding a watermark to your images and videos is an effective way to protect them from being copied. You can use a WordPress plugin such as Easy Watermark Lite to automatically add watermarks to your images as soon as they are uploaded. This will ensure that if someone tries to copy your images, they will be unable to do without the watermark.

3. Disable Text Selection


Many people who copy website content do so by selecting and copying the text, so disabling the text selection feature can be an effective way to protect your content from copy. You can easily do this with a WordPress plugin like No Right Click Images Plugin. This plugin lets you disable right-clicking and text selection, ensuring that no one can easily copy your content.

4. Add a Copyright Notice


Adding a copyright notice to your website is a good way to legally protect your content from copy. You can add a copyright notice through a WordPress plugin such as All In One Legal Pages. This plugin will automatically add a copyright notice to your website as soon as it is published, alerting any visitors that your content is protected.

5. Disable Image Downloading


Many people try to copy content by downloading images, so disabling image downloading can be an effective way to protect them. You can use a WordPress plugin such as No Image Download to disable image downloading on your website. This plugin will ensure that no one is able to download the images from your website, preventing them from being copied or used without your permission.

Follow these simple steps to protect your content from copy on your WordPress website. Taking the time to protect your content will ensure that your hard work is not stolen or plagiarized, giving you the peace of mind that your content is secure.

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