How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

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How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress and is widely used for setting up online stores. One of the most important elements of running an online store is setting up shipping and managing any related costs.This guide will show you how to add and configure shipping options in WooCommerce, as well as how to fine-tune details like fees and locations supported.

Get Started With the Basics Shipping in WooCommerce

First, you need to enable shipping options in WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. That page contains the following sections:

    • Shipping Zones: This is where you define different geographical locations and the methods of shipment that are available for each one.


    • Shipping Methods: This is where you select the exact shipping options that customers can choose from. The available options could include different couriers and local pick-up.


    • Other Settings: Here you can set up the costs, rule overrides, and other details on your shipping setup.


Creating Shipping Zones Shipping in WooCommerce

In the Shipping Zones section, you can add as many different locations based on the countries or states you want to ship to.

Simply add different geographical areas by clicking the “Add Shipping Zone” button. Now it’s time to choose which method of shipments you want to offer in each zone. You can choose from several options, including local pick-up and flat-rate shipping.

You can even set up multiple shipping options in the same zone. For example, if you offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, you could set up a flat-rate shipping option with a fee and then set up a free shipping option.

To make sure all fees are accounted for, you will also need to set up a shipping fee for each zone. This can be done in the Shipping Methods section.

Configuring Shipping Methods

In the Shipping Methods section, you can configure each shipping method you added to a zone. This is where you will set method-specific costs and restrictions. You can also add additional options, such as restrictions for virtual products or options for packages over a certain size.

If you are using a specific courier, you can add them in the “Settings” tab. Here, you can add a label for your courier and connect it to the methods you chose in the “Shipping Zones” section.

Finalizing Settings

In the Other Settings section, you can tweak several other settings related to your shipping configuration. For instance, you can add additional fees based on different criteria. You can also set up weight-based shipping.

Finally, you can also add any additional labels or override rules that you may need for specific products or orders.


Setting up shipping in WooCommerce can be quick and easy. Just remember to go through the different sections to add and configure your shipping zones, methods, fees, and any other settings you require. Doing so will ensure that your store’s shipping setup runs smoothly.

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