How to transfer your WordPress website to a new domain?

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How to Transfer Your WordPress Website to a New Domain?

Do you want to move your WordPress website to a new domain? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! There are a few steps you need to take in order to transfer your WordPress website to a new domain, and we’ll walk you through them all.

Step 1: Back Up Your Website

The first and most important step is backing up your WordPress website. This will ensure that you have all of your data, including themes, plugins and posts, during the transfer process. You can back up your WordPress website through a plugin, or you can use an FTP program and download the website’s files directly.

Option 1: Backup WordPress Plugin

One popular option is using a backup plugin to back up your WordPress website. Many of these plugins are free, and they make backing up and restoring your website simple. Just install the plugin, select the relevant options, and click the “Back Up” button.

Option 2: Using an FTP Client

Another option is to use an FTP Client like Filezilla or Cyberduck to download the WordPress website’s files. To do this, you’ll need the FTP credentials, which your hosting provider should provide. Once you’ve logged in, simply download the website’s files by going to the “public_html” folder.

Step 2: Transfer Your Domain

The next step is transferring the domain of your website. This involves going to the place where you registered your domain, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, and setting up the domain transfer process. You’ll need to use an authorization code that your hosting provider should provide you with.

Step 3: Set Up the New Domain

The next step is setting up the new domain. In order to do this, you’ll need to configure the DNS settings of the domain to point to your web host. Your hosting provider should provide the necessary information for this. Once the domain is pointing to your web host, you need to set up the domain with your hosting provider. This should be relatively simple, as it just entails confirming that you own the domain and filling in a few basic details.

Step 4: Upload the Website’s Files

Next, you need to upload the website’s files to the new domain. To do this, you can use the same FTP client you used to back up the files. Once you’ve logged in, simply upload the backed up WordPress website’s files to the new domain.

Step 5: Update Your WordPress Settings

The last step is to update your WordPress settings to reflect the new domain. To do this, you’ll need to edit the WordPress database, which can be done through phpMyadmin. Once you’re in the database, click the “options” table and edit the “siteurl” and “home” fields to reflect the new domain.


Transferring your WordPress website to a new domain isn’t as complicated as it might seem. With a few simple steps, you can be up and running on a new domain in no time at all. Just remember to back up your website, transfer your domain, set up the new domain, upload the website’s files and update your WordPress settings, and you should be good to go.

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