How to use the Divi column options?

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How to Use the Divi Column Options?

Divi is a powerful website builder and WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes. The Divi  comes dozens of options for customizing columns on your page layouts. You can easily create responsive columns with a few simple steps, allowing you to create beautiful page layouts that look great on all devices.

Step 1: Select the Divi Columns Module

First, login to your WordPress Dashboard and select the page or post you’d like to add columns to. In the right panel, select the “Divi” tab and search for the “Columns” module. Once selected, drag and drop it onto your page layout.

Step 2: Choose Your Divi Column Structure

Now that the columns module is in place, you’ll need to specify the structure of your columns. In the “Column Settings” section of the module, you can select from a range of options for column structure, such as a one-column to six-column layout.

Step 3: Customize the Columns

The “Column Options” section lets you customize each column as desired. You can resize the column by dragging the blue dots of each column boundary. You can also add content to the column by using the “Content Elements” section of the module, which includes elements such as video, images, text blocks, or menus.

Step 4: Set Mobile Responsive Options

You can make your columns responsive by using the “Responsive Settings” section of the Columns module. Here, you can specify how your columns will appear on various mobile devices. You have the flexibility to hide certain columns, adjust column widths, change column order, and more.


Using Divi’s column options gives you the flexibility to create truly unique and beautiful page layouts for your website. Customizing your columns with the steps outlined above ensures that your layout will be visually stunning and responsive on any device.

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