How to use the Divi library?

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How to Use the Divi Library

An Introduction to the Divi Library

The Divi Library is an online library that is a powerful resource for you to use when designing your webpages. By using the Divi Library, you can access and edit a plethora of pre-made page elements, such as columns, rows, buttons, images, and much more. You can even save any customizations you make and use them across multiple pages for easy editing. In a nutshell, the Divi Library makes designing your webpages easier and more efficient.

How to Access the Divi Library

The Divi Library can be accessed via the Divi Builder page, which is available from the WordPress dashboard. After selecting the “Divi Library” tab, you can find a variety of options:

    • Layout Packs: Pre-made page elements, like images and banners, that are used to create stunning webpages.


    • Saved Layouts: Layouts you’ve saved that you can easily use and edit.


    • Divi Builder Layouts: Ready-to-use layouts that are specifically designed with the Divi Builder in mind.


    • Global Defaults: Global settings that you can use across multiple pages, such as a header or footer.


Using the Divi Library

Once you’ve accessed it, you can start to use the page elements and ready-made layouts to create your page’s design. Whether you’re simply changing a few words or rearranging entire sections, the Divi Library makes it easy to create the perfect webpage for you or your clients’ needs.

One way to take advantage of this is to use the Layout Packs. The Packs include a variety of different page elements, such as columns, rows, buttons, and more. You can use these elements to quickly create a stunning webpage with minimal effort. In addition to this, any customizations you make are automatically saved so that you can easily edit them and apply them to other pages.

Another way to use this is by creating and saving custom layouts. This allows you to save time when creating multiple webpages, as you won’t need to create a new layout for each page you design. You can also apply any global settings you may have saved in the Global Defaults tab, which will apply to all of the pages you design.


It is an invaluable resource when it comes to designing your webpages. By using the Layout Packs, Saved Layouts, Divi Builder Layouts, and Global Defaults, you can easily create and manage stunning webpages without having to start from scratch each time. With its many features and easy-to-use interface, you can be sure that it will save you time and maximize your potential for creativity.

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