How to use the Divi row options?

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How to Use Divi Row Options

The Divi theme from Elegant Themes is a popular WordPress theme because of its powerful editing options that make it easy to create your own custom page layouts. One such powerful tool is the Divi row options, which allow you to create a variety of different layouts and customize the elements of your page in more detail.

In this article we will cover the basics of how to use the Divi row options. By the end of it, you should have a solid understanding of how they work and how to use them to build complex custom layouts.

Understanding the Divi Modules

The way the Divi theme works is via “modules”. A module is an independent element of a page that does one thing. For example, a “Call to Action” module will display a call to action button, or a “Slider” module will display an image slider. There are dozens of different modules you can add to your page.

These modules are placed within “rows”, which determine where on the page they are located. A row is essentially a container that holds multiple modules and has various options associated with it.

Using the Row Options

When you create a row, you will have the option to change various settings that affect the overall look and behavior of that row. These settings are divided into several categories:

    • Layout Settings – This allows you to choose between a one- or two-column layout as well as set a background color or image for the row.


    • Spacing Settings – This allows you to adjust the amount of padding or margin that is added between elements within a row.


    • Advanced Settings – These settings offer deeper control over how the modules in a row behave, such as setting a specific width or making it full-width.


You can also access more extensive settings by clicking the gear icon beside a row. Here you can enable various features such as parallax scrolling and even set up an animation for a row when it is scrolled into view.


The Divi row options are a powerful tool that allow you to create complex layouts with ease. Once you understand the basics of how they work, you’ll quickly be able to create your own custom layouts for your WordPress website.

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