How to Use WebP Images in WordPress – Make Your Website FAST!

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How to Use WebP Images in WordPress – Make Your Website FAST!

Achieving quick page load speeds is essential for any website owner. Visitors expect to see webpages quickly, and too long of a wait can lead to frustration and many potential visitors leaving your website. Using WebP image format is one of the best ways to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

WebP images are much smaller than standard image formats such as JPEG or PNG. This means that your website will load faster with WebP images compared to other image formats. In addition, WebP images are lossy, meaning you can compress them even further to decrease their file size – further improving the speed of your website.

How to Use WebP Images in WordPress

Using WebP images in WordPress is a simple process. The first step is to install the WebP Express plugin. Once installed, the plugin will automatically convert your existing images to the WebP format. It will also optimize them by reducing their file size without any discernible quality loss.

The next step is to configure the plugin. In the settings page, select the “Local” mode and the “WebP Express” option. This will tell the plugin to deliver WebP images in all browsers, allowing your visitors to benefit from faster page loading speeds.

Now, whenever you upload a new image to your site, the plugin will automatically detect it and convert it to the WebP format. The plugin also offers a “Rename Suffix” option, which allows you to change the file name of your images to “.webp” for easy identification. This is especially helpful if you’re running multiple sites on a single server.


Using WebP images in WordPress can be a great way to drastically improve the speed of your website. With the WebP Express plugin, you can quickly and easily convert existing images and have them automatically optimised for fast loading. Moreover, your visitors will also enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience on your site.

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