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Learning to fix WordPress website issues is crucial for website owners and administrators to ensure a seamless online presence. Begin by familiarizing yourself with common problems such as plugin conflicts, theme issues, or PHP errors. Utilize the WordPress dashboard to troubleshoot by deactivating plugins one by one, switching to a default theme, and checking error logs. Familiarity with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can be beneficial for accessing your website’s files directly.

Learn to Fix WordPress Website Issues

Additionally, staying updated on the latest WordPress versions and regularly backing up your site can help prevent issues and simplify the restoration process. Online forums, tutorials, and the WordPress support community can be valuable resources for expanding your troubleshooting skills and staying informed about potential solutions. By acquiring these essential skills, you empower yourself to efficiently address and resolve WordPress website issues, ensuring a stable and reliable online platform.

Major WordPress Website Issues

  1. White Screen of Death (WSOD)
  2. 404 Page Not Found Error
  3. Internal Server Error (500)
  4. Error Establishing a Database Connection
  5. Theme Compatibility Issues
  6. Plugin Compatibility Issues
  7. Slow Page Loading Speed
  8. Mobile Responsiveness Problems
  9. Broken Links
  10. Issues with Permalinks
  11. WordPress Admin Login Issues
  12. Lost Admin Password
  13. Issues with Image Uploads
  14. Media Library Display Problems
  15. WordPress Update Failures
  16. Plugin Update Failures
  17. Theme Update Failures
  18. Issues with Custom Post Types
  19. Troubles with Custom Taxonomies
  20. JavaScript Conflicts
  21. CSS Styling Issues
  22. HTML Markup Errors
  23. Widget Display Problems
  24. Menu Structure Errors
  25. Issues with the WordPress Editor (Gutenberg)
  26. Comments Not Displaying Properly
  27. Spam Comments
  28. Email Delivery Issues (e.g., contact form emails not being received)
  29. Site Not Secure (SSL Issues)
  30. Hacked Website
  31. Issues with XML Sitemap
  32. Database Bloat
  33. Excessive Post Revisions
  34. Memory Exhaustion Errors
  35. Caching Problems
  36. Browser Compatibility Issues
  37. Issues with RSS Feed
  38. Customizer Not Saving Changes
  39. Permalink Structure Issues
  40. 404 Errors on Images
  41. Issues with Theme Customization
  42. WordPress Multisite Configuration Problems
  43. Missing Featured Images
  44. Category and Tag Display Issues
  45. Issues with Pagination
  46. Incompatibility with CDN
  47. 404 Errors on Pagination Pages
  48. Issues with the Search Functionality
  49. Failure to Send Password Reset Emails
  50. Issues with Custom Fields
  51. Custom Fonts Not Loading
  52. Too Many Redirects Error
  53. Mixed Content Issues (HTTP and HTTPS)
  54. Unwanted Indexing by Search Engines
  55. Malware Infections
  56. White Text on White Background (or similar contrast issues)
  57. Excessive 301 Redirects
  58. Issues with Gravatar Images
  59. Editor Styles Not Loading
  60. Improperly Configured Robots.txt File
  61. Issues with Featured Images in RSS Feeds
  62. Nonce Verification Failures
  63. Issues with RSS Feed Importing
  64. Performance Issues with High Traffic
  65. Issues with WordPress REST API
  66. Issues with WordPress Cron Jobs
  67. Issues with Custom Page Templates
  68. Theme Customizer Preview Not Working
  69. Issues with Video Embeds
  70. XML-RPC Exploits
  71. Issues with Sticky Posts
  72. Excessive Redirect Chains
  73. Issues with the WordPress Heartbeat API
  74. Broken Theme Styles
  75. Issues with Embedding PDFs
  76. Excessive 404 Errors in Google Search Console
  77. Improperly Configured .htaccess File
  78. Problems with Custom Menus
  79. Issues with SSL Certificates Renewal
  80. Issues with Google Analytics Integration
  81. Issues with Custom Page Builders
  82. Incompatibility with PHP 7.x
  83. Issues with oEmbed
  84. Problems with Email Notifications
  85. Issues with Custom Post Formats
  86. Problems with Custom Background Images
  87. Issues with Social Media Sharing
  88. Issues with WordPress Shortcodes
  89. Problems with Custom User Roles
  90. Issues with JavaScript Libraries (e.g., jQuery)
  91. Issues with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  92. Problems with WordPress Tags
  93. Issues with Image Compression
  94. Issues with Custom Image Sizes
  95. Problems with Child Themes
  96. Issues with the WordPress Toolbar
  97. Problems with Custom Dashicons
  98. Issues with Theme Translations
  99. Problems with WordPress Emoji
  100. Issues with Custom Excerpts

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