How to add a slider to your WordPress website?

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How to Add a Slider to Your WordPress Website?

Adding a slider to your WordPress website can be a great way to display images, showcase products, and capture visitor’s attention. Sliders can easily be added to WordPress sites with the help of plugins. In this guide, we will walk you through how to add a slider to your WordPress website.

1. Install a Slider Plugin

The first step to adding a slider to your WordPress website is to install a slider plugin. There are a few different plugins available, so make sure to select one that fits your needs. We recommend using the Slider Revolution plugin, as it is easy to use and provides many customizable options.

2. Activate and Setup Your Slider Plugin

Once you have installed and activated your slider plugin, you will be ready to start creating your slider. Each plugin will have its own setup process and options, so refer to your plugin’s documentation for specific instructions.

3. Create Your Slider

Now it’s time to create your slider. You will be able to upload images, add captions, and adjust the settings for the slider. It is important to make sure all of the images are the same size for a more consistent look. Also, be sure to add captions and alt-text to your images to make them more accessible to users.

4. Embed Your Slider

Once you have finished creating your slider, it’s time to embed it into your WordPress site. Most slider plugins will provide a shortcode which you can copy and paste into your page or post. Just make sure to double-check the settings and preview your slider before publishing.


Adding a slider to your WordPress website can be a great way to show images, highlight products, and draw in visitors. This guide should help you get started creating your own slider. Just remember to select the right plugin, activate and customize the plugin settings, create your slider, and embed it on your WordPress site.

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