How to import divi layouts in wordpress website

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How to Import Divi Layouts into Your WordPress Website

Divi Layouts give WordPress users an incredible level of control and flexibility to customize their website with pre-maden import Divi layouts.

These layouts contain all of the design elements needed to create a great-looking website, such as columns, images, text blocks, and more. However, to get started with Divi Layouts, they must first be imported into your WordPress website.

Steps to Import Divi Layouts into Your WordPress Site

    1. Download the Layout – First, you will need to download the Divi Layout of your choice. Go to Divi Layouts > Download and select the layout you want. Once the download has finished, save the downloaded file to your computer.


    1. Go to Divi Library – Now, you can open your WordPress admin panel and select Divi > Divi Library from the menu. This will open the Divi Library, which is where you upload and store your layouts.


    1. Upload the Layout – Click the “Upload” button in the Divi Library, then select the downloaded Divi Layout file from your computer. Once it has uploaded, it will appear in the library of saved layouts.


    1. Select the Layout – You can now select the layout you just uploaded by clicking on its name. This will bring up a preview window so you can see what it looks like before using it.


    1. Apply the Layout – To apply the layout to your website, click the “Use Layout” button in the upper right corner of the preview window. This will add the Divi Layout to your website automatically.


And that’s it! If you’ve followed the steps correctly, your website should now be using the new Divi Layout. You can then continue to customize it as you like. If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to check out the great selection of tutorials on the Divi page for further help.


If you want to customize your WordPress website with minimal effort, then Divi Layouts are a great option. With just a few clicks, you can have an amazing-looking website with an already-designed layout. Just remember to follow the steps outlined above when importing your layout into WordPress.

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